Über Leben - Regarding Life

Short Film

Germany, 2012, 20 min., HDcam / Digibeta, 16/9, Dolby Surround

Natalie’s life is up in the air. The 13-year-old and her little brother feel imprisoned by the new everyday life of the foster home. While waiting for contact to their sick mother a subtle drama about guilt, dependency and absolution slowly evolves. But soon Natalie is fed up with the responsibility for her suffering brother and she starts to search for change in her life.


A production of Millenium TV GmbH & Sophie Narr

Funded by Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover, nordmedia Fonds, ffa

This film was realized thanks to the "Cast & Cut" stipend in Hannover.


With Marlon Weber, Leon Haxhijaj, Katarina Gaub, Martin Vischer, Christoph Müller, Saskia Bross

Director & Screenplay: Sophie Narr

DOP: Anne Misselwitz

Production Desing: För Künkel, Franziska Riedmiller

Production Manager: Sascha Rustmeier

Sound Recording: Florian Boldt

Sound Design / Mix: Henrik Cordes

Editin: Janina Herhoffer

Producer Millenium Tv GmbH, Klaus Rustmeier

Co-Producer: Sophie Narr

Editorial Office: Henning Kunze

Press Voices


Nordmedia, 7.11.2011

»Sophie Narr has taken a look at neglected children. She tells of the search for one’s own path, of hopelessness and boredom, and of guilt through wrong actions that characterizes one’s life.«




Hannoversche Allgemeine, 1.- 2.10.2011

»Sophie Narr keeps distance in Über Leben, as if she doesn’t want to push her insecure protagonists too much. The 13-year-old Natalie (Marlon Weber) and her younger brother Ben (Leon Haxhijaj) have landed in an emergency shelter for children. Carefully and silently, they look for support and try to assure their relationships with each other. Will they be able to return to their parents' home?« (Stefan Stosch)



COURAGEOUS FILMS AT "CAST&CUT" Neue Presse Hannover, 1.- 2.10.2011

»In the even more touching, but much quieter short film Über Leben, Natalie (13) and her younger brother Ben are separated from their mother. They have to live in an emergency shelter without foreseeing the duration of their stay,. The production is an excerpt from a feature film material that Sophie Narr is currently working on.«


Cast & Cut Stipendium - The Film Maker | 08/16/2010, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Bärbel Hilbig