Sophie Narr was born in 1980 and grew up in Berlin. Today she is living in Berlin and Florence (Italy). After working as a professionally trained film and video editor, she studied screenwriting at the German Academy of Film & Television (HFF) - Konrad Wolf in Potsdam, Babelsberg. In 2009 her documentary Der Die Das was released in German cinemas and later broadcasted on national television. Since 2007 her artistic work has been awarded with international awards and grants.

Besides working as an author and director Sophie Narr is teaching visual arts since 2010 with the focus on film and photography projects. The self-developed arts education projects at all times foreground the intense examination of our social environment as well as the self-sense of each participant. Through the medium film, respectively photography the students learn not only to express their points of view artistically and technical, moreover they find access to the counterpart's opinions and attitude towards life. The projects are designed for children, teenagers and adults with or without prior knowledge.

Since 2021 she is a Trainer in teacher training OPERATORI DI EDUCAZIONE VISIVA A SCUOLA (Specialist in Visual Education in Schools) in of the PIANO NAZIONALE CINEMA E IMAGES PER LA SCUOLA (National Programme Cinema and Pictures for Schools) carried out by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Culture).



2015 - 2016 RESEARCH QUALIFICATION: Asth Paidea - Aesthetical Education for Children of pre-school age - Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin


International professional qualifcation - C&Q Beratung & Bildung, Berlin

2009 - 2011 MASTER'S STUDENT (Meisterschüler) SCREENWRITING

Film and Television Academy (HFF) - Konrad Wolf, Potsdam

2003 - 2008 SCREENWRITING / DRAMATURGY studies

Film and Television Academy (HFF) - Konrad Wolf, Potsdam


Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Sydney


Arbeitskreis Medienpädagogik e.V. Berlin 



since 2021 OPERATORI DI EDUCAZIONE VISIVA A SCUOLA (Specialists in visual education in schools) – a project of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and MIBACT(Ministry of Culture)

Instructor in teacher training

since 2011 KUNSTWELTEN - a project of the Academy of Arts, Berlin

Academic & Hands-on Arts Education for Secondary School Students - nationwide

sinde 2012 TEENS SPECIAL - C/O Berlin Foundation

Academic & Hands-on Art Projects for Adolescents with socially deprived Backgrounds

2014 WINTERREISE - aufBruch e.V.

Practice-orianted documentary film course for juvenile prison inmates

since 2011 JUNIOR & TEENS - C/O Berlin Foundation

Academic & Hands-on Art Projects for Children and Adolescents


Meisterschüler - Lecturer, Dokumentary Film Seminar of Prof. Jens Becker

Awards & Grants

2014  Project fund documentary project - Weites Land

F.C. Flick Foundation

2013 Grant and Residency at the artist house Lukas

funded by the land Mecklenburg - West Pomerania

2010 Cast&Cut Residency

funded by normedia Fonds GmbH & Foundation of the cultural region Hannover 

2009 Residency / Grant Junge Akademie

Akademie der Künste Berlin, Section: Film and Media Arts

2009 Subsidy Award Rhineland-Palatinate

For the artistic work on the film The Amount Of Small Things

2008 Newcomer Award Hans W. Geißendörfer

for Screenplay and Directing - Film: In The Shade

2008 Hans W. Geißendörfer Nachwuchspreis

Other Activites

since 2020 Event Protocol / Berlinale - Int. Film Festival Berlin

2015 - 2018 Guest Management / Protocol Officer "Culinary Cinema" at the Berlinale - Int. Film Festival Berlin

2006 - 2015 Freelance Author / Film Critic (zitty Berlin, Tagesspiegel a.o.)

2011 Set - Manager: Escape

Short Ficition / D: Rosa Hannah Ziegler / Wendländische Filmkooperative

2009 Jury member 29th Video/Film Days, Koblenz

2005 Festival Team Sehsüchte Int. Student Film Festival Potsdam

Section: Screenplay Award & Pitch!

1992 Jury Member 42nd International Film Festival Berlinale - Section: Children Film Fest


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