Film Education

Film and Photography Projects of Sophie Narr

FILM WORKSHOPS - a project by Sophie Narr and Ralph Etter

2020 This is us | short film, Evangelische Grundschule Benz 

2016 Poor Life - Rich Heart | short film, Evangelische Grundschule Benz

2015 Superheros | short film, Janusz Korczak Grundschule Neukölln

2014 Paths through Berlin | documentary, Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg

2014 Self-portraits | photography, Rötgenschule, Neukölln

2013 About people and their art – 50 years of folk art school Oederan | Oederan

2012 Young Energy | documentary, Christine-Brückner-Schule, Bad Emstal


WEITES LAND – Documentary film series with students from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

2015 Weites Land: Nowhere Somewhere | Special Education Centre "Biberburg", Anklam

2014 Weites Land: Not big and not small Lindenschule Ducherow

2013 Weites Land: In the middle of paradise | Regionalschule Zingst


WINTER JOURNEY - a documentary project of Aufbruch Gbr with inmates of the Berlin Youth Detention Centre

2014 Winter journey – From inside to outside


KUNSTWELTEN - a project of Academy of Arts

2017 Too early too late | short film, Heinrich-von-Stephan Gemeinschaftsschule Berlin

2017 Always and everywhere | documentary, Sekundarschule "An der Rüsternbreite" Köthen

2015 Things I, II und III | short film, Grundschule am Koppenplatz, Rosa-Parks-Grundschule, Berlin

2015 We are the city | documentary, Regionalschule Wolfen-Nord

2014 We yesterday now today | documentary, Heinrich Heine Gymnasium, Bitterfeld-Wolfen 

2014 Wish Dream Illusion | documentaryTheodor Heuss Gemeinschaftsschule, Berlin

2013 Mitten in Berlin - Das sind wir | documentary, Moses-Medelssohn-Schule, Berlin

2013 Oederan and I | documentary, Gemeinschaftsschule Oederan

2012 Berlin Portraits | documentary, Berlin

2012 Large country | documentary, Johann-Christoph-Adelung Schule, Spantekow

2012 Döbeln and I | documentary, Mittelschule "Am Holländer"

2011 Anklam Portraits | documentary, Anklam

2011 My fantastic Moabit | photography, Moses-Medelssohn-Schule, Berlin

2010 Wolfen and I | documentary, Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Wolfen

2010 Anklam and I | documentary, Friedrich-Schiller-Schule Anklam

2011 Berlin and I | photography, Moses-Medelssohn-Schule, Berlin

2010 Return of Landscape | photography, Moses-Medelssohn-Schule, Berlin

2009 Answers to Istanbul Next Wave | photography, Moses-Medelssohn-Schule, Berlin


PERSPECTIVES - a Project of C/O Berlin Foundation

2017 Perspectives | photography , KuB - Contact and advice centre for homeless young people, Berlin

2017 Message to the Future | photography, Berlin

2016 Perspectives | photography, KuB - Contact and advice centre for homeless young people, Berlin

2016 Eyes on! | documentary, Girls Move - a project for schoolchildren who are distant from school, Berlin

2015 City reporter | documentary, AWO Clearing house in Strausberg

2015 Situations | documentary, Berlin

2014 City reporter | documentary, Berlin

2015 City reporter | photography, AWO Clearing house in Strausberg

2013 Strausberg Portraits | photography, AWO Erziehungshilfebund in Strausberg

2013 On the road in Berlin | documentary, Berlin

2013 My home | photography, Kinderwohngruppe Neuhland Berlin

2012 Strausberg and I | photography, AWO Erziehungshilfebund in Strausberg

2012 Berliner Portraits | documentary, Berlin

2012 Answers to Arnold Newman | photography, Berlin

2011 You and I | documentary, Berlin

2010 Answers to Roger Melis | documentary, Berlin

2010 Berlin and I | documentary, Berlin


© Sophie Narr

© Sophie Narr, Ralph Etter 2014
© Sophie Narr, Ralph Etter 2014

Press Voices

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Students make 14 movies about their city Döbeln 13.11.2012, Sächsische Zeitung, Jens Hoyer

Students shoot film: Energy of the region in focus14.01.2012, Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine, Claudia Hempel

Granddaughter makes Grandpa Egon a screen hero | 12.12.2011, Nordkurier, Katja Müller

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