a cultural education project with inmates of the juvenile detention centre Berlin

For three months, we worked with 11 inmates of the Berlin Youth Detention Centre on seven personal documentary film portraits, which they developed and shot independently in groups. Based on the songs “Der Wegweiser”, “Rückblick” and “Frühlingstraum” from Schubert’s song cycle Winter Journey, the 17- to 21-year-olds give insights into their life stories and tell us about their future prospects, their dreams, and their idea of the world waiting for them outside.

During the filming, they were supported by peers outside the penitentiary, with whom they communicated via video messages. In film partnerships, the students from Charlottenburg and Mitte helped the inmates to enrich their material visually and went on search of the inmates' traces in the outside world.

In addition, the inmates received artistic and production support from filmmakers Ralph Etter, Pablo Ruiz Holst, Dörte Manzke, Hanna Mattes, Vincent Assmann, Rouven Rech, Anne Misselwitz and Henrik Cordes.


Funding / Client: aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT | Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin | XENOS – Integration and Diversity


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